Autoproyecto Signs with Integral Ad Science Publisher Solutions

To reach our goal of serving 100% high quality, fraud-free traffic, Autoproyecto has partnered up with Integral Ad Science. The new technology will enable Autoproyecto to super-serve its brand supporters by meeting compliancy standards against the 4 key performance areas: viewability, fraud, geo-compliance and brand safety. Viewability: Autoproyecto is delivering a viewability between 70%-90% to […]

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Why Native Advertising Should be an Important Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Sharethrough defines Native Advertising as: “an ad experience that follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is placed”. Native Advertising has grown steadily in use by B2B marketers (90% say that Native is important or very important to their company) in large part due to the ineffectiveness of traditional banner advertising […]

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Content Marketing vs. Native: Which Is More Effective?

Despite the rise in native advertising, content marketing still seems to rule the digital world. Fractl and Moz used survey responses from more than 30 content marketing agencies and cost data from more than 600 digital publishers. They found that content marketing has a better overall return on investment.   See the complete article here!  

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