Go Live with Autoproyecto on Facebook and YouTube! Nothing is hotter than ‘live’ and Autoproyecto is bringing the immediacy and excitement of live broadcasting. Reach your target audience in real-time. We offer custom content Live packages that deliver each one of your key message points.

10 Minute Live Video
Autoproyecto goes live with your custom content video. We deliver each one of your key message points.
Autoproyecto Social Media Channels
The live broadcast is featured live on Autoproyecto.com Facebook (37K Fans) page reaching lower funnel activity.
Cross promoted
Live broadcast is promoted both on Autoproyecto.com and syndicate websites.

Hosted by NACTOY juror Javier Mota and Damaris Diaz
In order to have the best automotive live broadcast, you need the best and most respected Hispanic automotive journalist in the US. Welcome Javier Mota, one of the most respected automotive journalist in the US and currently the Editor-in-Chief of Javier Mota and Damaris DiazAutoproyecto.com. Javier is the first and only  Hispanic NACTOY juror.

His peers describe him as the hardest working automotive journalist they know. Javier is able to answer any real-time qestions keeping all key message points in hand.

Damaris Diaz is a renown host on Univision. She loves fast cars and has hosted many automotive segments on Univision. Together, Javier and Damaris make for an exceptional team.

Metric Report within 24 hours
Receive a complete metric report within 24 hours of airing. All reports include DMA, HH,  market and link to site.
Social media shareable Sizzle Reel
Autoproyecto creates a 30-second social media reel for you to publish on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter channel. This is a fully edited, high energy piece designed to attract visitor and create enthusiasm around your product. 
4 social media mentions
Autoproyecto has the largest Facebook and Twitter following than any other Spanish language automotive website in the US. We provide three media mentions per video and since we have a total of five videos being created, you receive 15 social media mentions once the content is published. 
Full Rights for usage
Autoproyecto provides you full rights to use the media. 
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