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Autoproyecto Syndication Network is the largest Spanish language automotive Website in the US and automatically publishes its content to the Autoproyecto Syndication Network.
The Autoproyecto Syndication Network consist of the following sites: is the largest in-market Spanish language website in the US. It has over 2.5 million uniuqes and 8 million pageviews per month with users consuming four to five pages per session.
La Raza is the #1 Spanish language publication in Chicago and has the highest readership among Hispanic publications in the Chicagoland area. Founded in 1970, La Raza has been in the market for over four decades providing Chicago Latinos with the best source of information on local, national and international news.
La Opinión is the leading Spanish-language daily newspaper in the country, reaching 2 million readers monthly in print and online. La Opinión was founded in 1926 in Los Angeles to provide daily news and information to a Hispanic population that has grown to become the nation’s largest, its audience is active, involved and engaged.
El Diario’s exceptional content connects and engages communities. Founded in 1913, El Diario/La Prensa is the longest publishing Spanish-language daily newspaper in the United States. Since its inception as a small publication in Lower Manhattan named La Prensa, the newspaper has grown into one of the largest and most influential Latino media outlets in the nation. In 1963, it merged with El Diario de Nueva York, forming El Diario/La Prensa, as it is known nowadays.
La Prensa is the oldest Hispanic Media in Central Florida, it delivers unsurpassed journalism in both online and print to Florida Hispanics. La Prensa connects you to Florida’s dynamic Hispanic community as the premier newspaper for and by Hispanics.
NBC Deportes is the programming division of the NBC Sports Group, owned by the NBCUniversal Television Group division of NBCUniversal, that is responsible for the production of sports events and magazine programs that air on NBCUniversal’s Spanish language television networks Telemundo and NBC Universo. is one of the largest Spanish language portals in the world. It has over 13 sites in over 13 countries in the US and Latin America.
National and Local TV
Television distribution via Univision, Azteca and/or Telemundo in Top 20 Hispanic DMA’s. All television spots are guaranteed to air. Combined total households exceeds 30 million.

0 National Telemundo TV 25,000,000
0 National ROKU IPTV  1,710,000
0 National Apple TV IPTV  1,200,000
1 New York City Azteca TV  2,150,000
3 Miami AZTECA WSFL TV  732,000
5 Chicago AZTECA WCHU TV  528,290
9 San Francisco AZTECA KEMO TV  444,445
10 Phoenix, AZ AZTECA KPDF TV  373,445
13 San Diego AZTECA KBNT TV  260,800
16 Philadelphia AZTECA WZPA TV  244,260
17 Denver AZTECA KCEC TV  243,400
19 Washington DC AZTECA WQAQ TV  233,333
20 Tampa AZTECA WXAX TV  225,000
21 Austin AZTECA KADF TV  174,740
24 Las Vegas AZTECA KHDF TV  160,540
The New Big Screen At Home
Autoproyecto TV on Roku
Autoproyecto TV is the only Spanish language automotive channel on Apple TV and Roku. All content on Roku and Apple TV live indefinitely and provide viewers the opportunity to watch on demand video on their own time, its the new “big screen,” at home.

Viewers on Roku and Apple TV prefer long format content vs short.

Social Media
 Autoproyecto’s has broader reach and deeper engagement on Facebook and Twitter than any other Websites in its segment.



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