To reach our goal of serving 100% high quality, fraud-free traffic, Autoproyecto has partnered up with Integral Ad Science. The new technology will enable Autoproyecto to super-serve its brand supporters by meeting compliancy standards against the 4 key performance areas: viewability, fraud, geo-compliance and brand safety.


Autoproyecto is delivering a viewability between 70%-90% to their clients. While the industry standards are down to 50%.

Ad Fraud:

With Integral Ad Science, Autoproyecto delivers traffic that is 100% fraud free.

Brand Safety:

Autoproyecto and IAS are using both pre-bid and real-time brand safety blocking to provide better brand safety. We use a combination of blacklists, keywords, and page-level analysis for a comprehensive solution.

This collaboration with Integral Ad Science will help us serve our customers best. Camilo Alfaro, CEO of Autoproyecto, says:

“Integral Ad Science will help us provide a higher quality of service for our clients. This partnership allows us to provide a deeper understanding of our inventory’s viewability, brand safety and the validity of traffic sources. IAS will improve the quality of our inventory and ensure that we meet our viewability guarantees.”

With this move, pre-roll and display advertising on Autoproyecto will be vetted in real time to meet the strictest industry standards for effective advertising. There has never been a better time to partner with Autoproyecto to reach the Spanish-speaking car shopper and enthusiast audience.


Source: Integral Ad Science

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