Autoproyecto creates custom content that delivers your key message points in an organic form and distributes with guaranteed results. You provide key message points, we then create a compelling video script, film, produce, post-production to distribution and finally, metric reports. Autoproyecto takes care of every detail every step of the way.

Reach over 30 Million US Hispanics in an organic way while delivering your key message points.



  • Create and distribute custom content that delivers key message points in an organic manner
  • Distribute via Autoproyecto Syndication Network
  • Metrics ReportDistribution2
Thirty minute television shows
Autoproyecto creates 30 minute television shows entirely on your products. We provide an indepth view of your product and have it showcased on national television, our digital partners, Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire TV.  
Custom Content Videos
We film separate four minute videos. Anytime more than four videos are created, we are able to create a thirty-minute full television show on your products and/or events.
Guaranteed in Top 20 Hispanic DMA Television Stations
Autoproyecto buys a 30 minute airtime slot on Azteca, Univision and/or Telemundo. The show airs Sunday morning at 9 am in select Top 20 DMA markets:
0 National ROKU OTT 1,710,000
0 National Apple TV OTT 1,200,000
0 National Amazon Fire OTT 1,000,000
1 New York City Telemundo/Azteca TV 2,150,000
3 Miami Telemundo/Azteca TV 732,000
4 Houston Telemundo/Azteca TV 692,620
5 Chicago Telemundo/Azteca TV 528,290
9 San Francisco Telemundo/Azteca TV 444,445
10 Phoenix, AZ Telemundo/Azteca TV 373,445
13 San Diego Telemundo/Azteca TV 260,800
Total 9,091,600
Apple TV , Roku & Amazon Fire!
Autoproyecto TV is the only Spanish language automotive channel on Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire*.  These cable cutting devices are the new “Big Screen” at home. We find that our viewers prefer long format videos versus shorter.

0 National ROKU OTT 1,710,000
0 National Apple TV OTT 1,200,000
0 National Amazon Fire OTT 1,000,000
Total 3,910,000

Autoproyecto OTT Devices

Published on Top 5 Spanish language websites
Content gets automatically distributed to the following outlets:
  Autoproyecto is the third largest Spanish language website in the US and the largest national Spanish language in-market automotive website in the US with 11 million monthly page-views, 3.5 million unique visitors, 4-5 minute user on-site time. Autoproyecto is the third largest Spanish language website in the US.
Largest Spanish language newspaper in the US. La Opinion is the Hispanic paper of Los Angeles. 3.5 million page-views, 1.5 million uniques
Oldest Spanish language newspaper in the US. El Diario is the Hispanic paper of New York. 3.0 million page-views, 1.25 million uniques
La Prensa covers Central Florida and is headquartered in Orlando. 1 million page-views, 500,000 uniques

NBC Deportes is the Spanish language version of NBC Sports. 4 million page-views, 2 million uniques

La Raza
 La Raza Newspaper is the largest Spanish language publication in Chicago with over 2.75 million page-views, 700,000 unique monthly visitors
More Distribution Info!  
Hosted by NACTOY juror Javier Mota and Damaris Diaz
In order to have the best automotive videos you need the best and most respected Hispanic automotive journalist in the US. Welcome Javier Mota, one of the most respected automotive journalist in the US and currently the Editor-in-Chief of Javier Mota and Damaris Javier is the first and only  Hispanic NACTOY juror.

His peers describe him as the hardest working automotive journalist they know.

Damaris Diaz is a renown host on Univision. She loves fast cars and has hosted many automotive segments on Univision. Together, Javier and Damaris make for an exceptional team.

Metric Report within 24 hours
Receive a complete metric report within 24 hours of airing. All reports include DMA, HH,  market and link to site.
Owned Media: Edited B-roll for your use
Autoproyecto creates a fully edited and ready for use b-roll of the vehicle and/or event being filmed. You can use this b-roll on your media site for journalist to use. It comes with complete rights. Please see example on right rail. 
Social media shareable Sizzle Reel
Autoproyecto creates a 30-second social media reel for you to publish on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter channel. This is a fully edited, high energy piece designed to attract visitor and create enthusiasm around your product. Please see example on right rail. 
Social media mentions
Autoproyecto has the largest Facebook and Twitter following than any other Spanish language automotive website in the US, but most importantly the most engagement than any other Hispanic automotive site in the US.  We provide three media mentions per video. See below how Autoproyecto compares to the competition:

Autoproyecto Social Media Presence

Autoproyecto Social Media Presence as of 04/17/17

Full Rights for usage
Autoproyecto provides you full rights to use the media. 
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